Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Owl Waltz.

re-apply chapstick.
my father didn't seem to like inception all that much,
i on the other hand have watched it thrice in the past two days.
i wish i were audrey hepburn in roman holiday. minus gregory and her not really being together in the end;
it's still rather happy, all in all.
our safe word is "foliage".
i shower by candlelight because it relaxes me;
do try it some time.
i could never get sick of the present weather.
the rain means so much to me.
i've watched the office non-stop the past few weeks.
alright, i'll be honest; i am always watching the office. i watch two episodes every day, at least.
i saw the film bridesmaids, and i think i thought it was funny;
but i did see it while under the influence of prescription medication.
(i remind myself of her creepy british roommate.)
my room is clean; i shall sleep well this eve.
i need music to download; suggestions, por favor? all suggestions will be appreciated and noted.
i want waffle crisp. i want waffle crisp oh-so-badly.
it hurts to sit in this chair.
it throws my back through a loop.
i want to spend a lot of time with my best friends this week.
all three of them.
that's all i really want.
i'd like to buy a flower bouquet for the thrill of it;
but my bank account is poor, and my very low paycheck this week won't even help it out much.
i've been tired all the while since friday; it's not good because i just want to sleep and do nothing else, minus watch the office or pushing daisies.
buy me space ice cream, and we'll be best friends furrreverrrr.

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