Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I Have Grown A Foot Or Two.

today i got a text that was, in a way, life changing.
(the person texting me even said "prepare yourself for a life changing text.")
i was nervous, to say the least.
i got the nauseous feeling in my stomach; i wondered, what could i possibly be told?

And I Must Say,
it was some of the best news i've ever heard.

it read;
"i'm going on a mission amelia:)"

my best friend, who i believe was made to be a missionary, has finally decided. :)
he's always figured he would go, but he's been trepidatious the past couple of months on making a final decision.

so, in a month or two, he's putting in his papers and is shooting for leaving soon after his nineteenth birthday in august.

I Am So Happy For Him.
my best friend is one of the greatest missionaries that i know.
and i know he will spread the good word, wherever he may be sent.

even though two years lacking his physical presence just might kill me,
i'll be strong. :)

I Just Felt Like Sharing This Bit Of News, Because It Made Me Joyous. :)


  1. honey.
    you're comical.
    this is a serious post.
    but others are hilarious.

    love it.


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