Monday, February 28, 2011

A Birthday Wish.

you know whose birthday it is in less than an hour?
it's JB's!

omg, i friggen loooooveeeeee him. lol. :P

I Do Not Like Him.

not in the least bit, to be quite honest.

You Know Whose Birthday It (Almost) Is And Who I Care About Far More Than I Ever Could Care For Justice Beaver?

it's my nieces first birthday.

i have various nicknames for her;
khlo-khlo, khloris leachman, khlobert report, khloseph, khlorey, khlo-bear, and others.
happy birthday, baby girl. :)
i can't wait to see you grow up; but please put it off for as long as possible.

(so, maybe she's my favorite. but i also adore my other nephews and nieces too!)


  1. I love it! Baby baby ohhh! Like baby baby ohhh! like baby baby oohhh!

    You love me. Don't deny it.

  2. i do! even when you post lyrics to a justin bieber song. :)


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