Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome Back.


'tis been quite awhile since i last blogged. and yes, there is a reason for my absence. my computer has been out of commission for the past two and a half weeks and only just got fixed minutes ago. :) i've missed computer usage, but then again it's been a nice break in its own ways.

as for my christmas?
It Went Surprisingly Better Than Expected, And Better Than Usual.
i got to spend a lot of time with my dear best friends over their two week school break, and that was wonderful. :)

There Are So Many Stories; So Many Tales.
but for now, let's just start fresh with this new year, hmmmm?

We Shall See What 2011 Will Hold. :)

(these are merely two pictures of many from the christmas & new years season.)
when the wolf pack, erika & DD [who need not be mentioned] rode the trax to SLC & visited temple square. :)

"i'm orville redenbaucher!"

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  1. i have a mustache picture just like that one. it's almost identical. we're probably sisters.


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