Monday, January 10, 2011

Part Of My Adventure.

Day Zwei; Your First Love.

This Man Is My Best Friend.

His Name Is Cyler, If You Weren't Aware.
I Call Him Cy, Cy-Cy, Forrest , Mr. Applesauce, And Pope Cyler Jacob Papa Sugar Cane Bubbles Luke Skyler Sasquatch [Insert Last Name Here].

he just so happens to be my first love. and thus far, only love.

when i was fourteen i moved from american fork to eagle mountain.
i hated it. honestly. sincerely.
i would listen to dashboard's the places that you've come to fear the most CD for hours and hours while just laying on my bed incessantly thinking about how depressed i was that we lived here.
but that fall i got friends here, and began to like it a bit more.

the first day i met cy, i remember well.
he was in my sunday school class, so obviously i'd noticed him and probably even talked to him already, but i can't recall him until after this event.
we were playing a trivia game and our names got written on the board by brother garrett.
when he wrote cy's name, i saw how it was spelled and thought that it looked like it'd be pronounced sigh-ler.
then i said, "oh, i thought your name was tyler...."
in which he replied, "nope, it's always been cyler."
"well it looks like your name is sylar. like sylar on heroes! have you ever watched that show?"
him, trepadatiously, "ummm, yeah i've seen that show."
"well, i'm going to call you sylar!"
and that was it.
a few years later he told me that he didn't like heroes, thought i was kind of weird, and loathed the fact that i always, always, always called him sylar.
(i still apologize for it. but that doesn't change a thing. haha.)

but boy, did we know how to make each other laugh.
the first day that i realized i sincerely liked him was when for mutual we went to the BYU art museum. i hung out with him the entire time and we laughed so much.
he dug my chewbacca impression and enjoyed the cookies that i baked.
i always said hi to him at school. he's a grade younger than i.
at the end of ninth grade i went to disneyland and when i came back i had a buzz lightyear arm that includes a voice changer and a lazer shooter.
we both clearly remember me yelling sylar and shooting him with my lazer.
he still thought i was weird; but funny. :)

we became friends due to hanging out that summer. it was a whole group of us and we'd go to chili's, or play night games, and watch movies at the johnson's. it's how we all became friends.
for a short time that summer, friends of mine thought that he liked me. we had a handshake (in which we still do to this day, granted we've added and modified) and laughed all the time with one another.
i thought, could it be? could this boy that i dig like a grave actually dig me right back?
But I Often Second-Guess Myself, and thought the idea a falsehood.
not long after, he started dating a girl who basically made his life a living hell for a year and a half.
i didn't find out until a phone call in which he was under the affects of unisom over a year later that he had indeed liked that summer, but then he'd gone out with justine.
So, Evenutally, We Just Became Best Friends.
Thanks To Phone Calls Every Day That Were Usually Hours Long.
And I Moved From One Neighborhood In My Family Ward To Another One In Our Ward.
He Used To Live Five Houses Away From Me.
I'd Go And Play Basketball With Him.
But Sadly, Last June He Moved.
And This Neighborhood Has Never Been The Same.
we have had our ups and downs.
but he once told me that i was the only girl who has lasted this long in his life.
and i take that as a compliment.

Yes, My Being Madly In Love With Him Has Gotten In The Way Of Our Friendship Before.
mostly with girlfriends he's had or girls that he's liked.
but all of those eventually end.
At The Moment He Has The Greatest Girlfriend Any Of Us Could've Asked For Him.
i feel no jealousy. i feel no hard feelings for her. and we get along splendidly.
because she knows how to treat him right. she doesn't toy with his heart.
and for that, i'm thankful.
I Could See Them Getting Married, Legitimately.
but whatever happens, all i've ever wanted for him is to be happy. :)

And Yes, He Does Know I'm Crazy About Him.
But, It's Been The Norm For About Four Years, So We Roll With It Easily.

he's made thursdays nights the best night of the week for three years, now.
he's peed on my head.
he's written his name on my shoe, just like andy in toy story.
he always beats me when we play monopoly, and leaves me a note written on a napkin after each game. once i cheated for him.
he's become a part of my family.
he'll slap my butt so hard that it'll leave a handprint.
we once got in a shouting match over pride and prejudice and carrie underwood.
he taught me how to hug a boy properly.
he calls me on his breaks at work.
he'll send me texts that say: i'm pooping:)
he named my ipod, and is one of the few i trust with her.
we once tried to kill each other with playing cards.
he has the greatest green eyes in the world. :)
and the sexiest hands. hahahahaha.
he makes me laugh more than anyone i've ever met.
we have some of the stupidest inside jokes but they make us laugh every time.
we once drove illegally for hours in the snow on a sunday long ago. i'll always love that day.
every time i go in his truck i stroke her beautiful mustache. :)
he makes the best cookies and the best muddy buddies.
his left leg has a scar that's shaped like an arrow. i think it's awesome.
when i went to seattle he called me and sang you raise me up to me over the phone. it was the greatest phone call ever receieved.
i once covered a hickey on his neck with a wolf tattoo from del taco in the boys bathroom at the high school.
i find that to be one of my greatest accomplishments. :)

S'yeah. I've Probably Gone On For Far Too Long.
but when it gets to cyler i sometimes if not often get carried away. ha. :)

(I Put This Picture Up Cause It's The Most Recent One Of Him, It's Adorable, Annnnnd, I Took It. :] )

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