Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Can't Stop My Breathin' In.

i love when my bedroom is neat and tidy.
(by hoarder standards.)
i love when an awesome episode of the office is on.
i love angels and airwaves.
(no, this clever love won't tire.)
i love how cy will charge into work and say he's going to kick one of our co-worker's behinds because he's bossing me around.
(jokingly or not.)
i love jenn's dream journal.
(it makes me long for one of my own.)
i love beto's ham and egg burrito.
(sure, i can literally feel it clogging my arteries, but it might just be worth it.)
i love the film connie and carla.
(girls dressing as boys dressing as girls.)
i love that pepperidge farms has gingerbread people in a box called "ginger family".
i love nivea's chapstick.
(it's my own personal lip crack.)
i love that i don't have to work until friday. ahhhhh.
i love that me, jenn, and harriet are going up to sundance on thursday.
i love the fact that me, chelsea and michelle are having a PJ wearing-cake making-sleepless in seattle watching get-together on friday.
i love that my life as liz is coming back for season two on februrary eighth! YES! :)

And I Really Feel Like Making Valentine Themed Cupcakes This Week.
i so should.


  1. Courtney and I need valentines, and your cupcakes sound delicious. We should all make some?

  2. let's do it! :) we'll have a valentine cupcake get-together. :)


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