Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hugs Can Do Wonders.
especially ones from your amazing smelling best friend, who just so happens to hug you for a long time awkwardly and you pretend that it's awkward because he won't stop hugging you, but you're sincerely loving every single second of it. :)

It Really Helped Make My Day Better. Forty Times Better At Least.

today was the first time i've cried in quite a long time.

i cried for my brother.
i cried for the pain that he's going through.
i cried because he'll still be gone for seven and a half more months.
i cried because he doesn't feel like he belongs in afghanistan.
i cried for that seargant and his family who lost him.
i cried because my emotions had been pent up for a long while.
Sometimes You Just Need That Good Cry To Just Get It All Out.

so this one goes out to my older brother jacob, whom i really do love dearly. (granted, i love all my brothers dearly; jamie, jacob, and ben.)
i'd just like him to know that i do love him and have sincerely missed him while he's been away, and will continue to miss him.
just like all my family does.
and i'm so proud of him and all he is doing for our country.
it's a great country we live in, and it's thanks to amazing men and women including my brother jakey.

(i like this picture, but i dislike how i look. i look strange.)


  1. Thanks Jake!!! Love and miss you too! You're always in our prayers.

  2. this is a great post.
    p.s. you do not look strange in your picture. :]


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