Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a headphones necklace that makes me feel gangster.

i've gotten rather tired of this ten days thing, to be quite honest.
i would just sort of like it to be over and done with.
but whatevs, i suppose.
this week has been pretty bland.
work yesterday was ihh, but getting to work with cyler for a couple of hours was pretty nice. :)
he wore his bubba gump shrimp co. hat that i brought him back from good old san francisco.
that hat makes me happy,
he generally makes me happy.
so add the two together, and it's utter insanity.
i strongly desire to get christmas lights for my room.
i think it'd make me quite dapper.
perhaps i'll invest in that.
for christmas, all i've asked my parents for is new sheets, a duvet, and perfume.
i'm kicking it simple this year, and there's not too much i desire.
so those gifts would be phenomenal for me.
i've been sucking at keeping up with my journal.
poor little beauty, i must spend more time with it, informing it of my life and other such experiences.
i will be practically devastated when i've filled up the whole thing,
i figure i have three more months top, at the rate i've been going.
i hope to find a journal as fantastic as the one at present, we'll just see i guess.
my hair is a mess. it was nice saturday and saturday, it being straight and all.
but now it's just a mess when curly.
(i use the term curly lightly. my hair is very wavy and awkward.)
i was supposed to go visiting teaching with nancy yesterday, but i had to work and never contacted her about it.
i feel bad; i'm terrible about V.T.
and i have to call 12 girls and inform them of our compassionate service committee meeting.
i dislike calling people i generally do not know, so that'll be quite the experience i'm sure.
i'm very blessed with adorable nieces and nephews.
they are a treat to be around, and just lift my spirits.
i can't help but smother them in kisses.
which reminds me, i need to start on my christmas shopping.
how interesting that should be; except not really. but i'll like it.

this post is random, serves no purpose, and is just full of odd thoughts.
Disregard The Footsteps And We'll Never Tell A Soul.

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