Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day Two; A Letter To My Best Friend(s).

(Day 2 Should've Been On Thursday, Oh Well!)

Day 2: A Letter To Your Best Friend.

Cyler Jacob;
"from the moment i met you, it's been an adventure." you are sincerely my best friend. i'm so glad that we became friends. it seems like a miracle to me. no one has ever made me laugh harder than you, and no one ever could. i can hardly put to words what you mean to me. honestly. i love you with every single beat of my heart, and with every single step that i take. one day you will meet steve nash, and it will be epic. and you will yell BOOM! and wherever i am, i will smile, because i'll just know that it happened. :) you're quite honestly the only person who could get away with accidentally peeing on my head. (long story. just trust me.) and the only person i'd allow to write their name on the bottom of my shoe. and i wouldn't trade our random adventures for anything. you've taught me how to shoot a basketball, sparked my interest in baking, introduced me to music and movies that i now truly love, and have made me the person i am today. i can't imagine a life without you; how tragic that would be. but next year you go on your mission, and i know that those two years will be incredibly hard for me but will be totally worth it, because you were born to be a missionary. you already are. i've never known someone like you. i would not trade the thursdays we've spent together over the past three years for anything, who knows if we'd be as close as we are if not for special needs mutual. i love how kind you are to barbara. she adores you. oh cy-cy, i wish so many great things for you. your life hasn't been easy. you've had to go through so many hard-ships, but they've made you the amazing man that you are today. i hope we're friends for the rest of our lives. even if it means i have to move to montana and be your crazy cat lady neighbor who bakes for you and your family. :) you're the first person i could ever seamlessly talk on the phones with for hours. phone calls with you are the best. :) you're the most incredible person i know. and you're so much better than you think you are. i am so thankful for you. i love you to the moon and back, cy.

Jennifer Beatriz; (yep, i used your middle name. deal with it!)
i'm glad that we had world geography and german two in ninth grade together. even though you seriously did intimidate me at first, which i'm sure you're proud of. haha. and since then, i've been your assistant. very happily. :) i used to write down your weekly schedule and everything. our friendship is truly random and weird. we go on so many random adventures; they've all been awesome. thank you for letting me ride miss daisy in your car. i'm sorry that sometimes i just don't feel like sitting in the front. haha. you've always been a friend who will share music with me and introduce me to new stuff, and i've tried to do the same for you. me, you, and cy began as our little captain's crew, but we've moved onto our wolf pack. i wouldn't trade skipping third with you and cyler all those times for anything. thank you for putting up with me and my crap. (and my incessant talking about cyler. hahaha.) you're basically part of my family, and i'm happy to basically be part of yours. remember when your grandma gave me lotion? that was awesome. i love devin and jalyssa as much as my own nieces and nephew. i know i don't show a lot of appreciation for you, but you're my best friend, yennifer! i'll make you a quesadilla soon. thank you for always being there for me, and for sitting on my porch randomly and just chatting. we fight over stupid things, but it just shows how we're little kids. thank you for letting me be your hippie grandma, and giving me that best grandma oscar. it sits on my dresser and reminds me of how incredible i am. hahaha, just kidding. but really, i'm so grateful for you and all that you do for me. you're the greatest colombian best friend any person could have. :)

Alexander James;
i didn't remember the first time i met you until recently, when you brought it up. i never imagined you were going to be one of my best friends. but you are. you're truly crazy, but in the best way possible. i still feel bad about shoving cake in your face at maria's quincenara -- you ignored me the entire rest of the night. you've become practically a brother to me. my mother basically considers you and cyler to be two of her sons. i often find it funny that people assume that we're together? like that lady at lagoon. who asked if i picked out your henna tattoo that was a heart with mom in the middle, and if you picked out mine which at first was the word luscious. hahaha. i remember when you slept at my house that time you got kicked out, it was morning and i was texting cyler while laying in my bed and you popped your head in while holding a butcher knife. then you wound up jumping on my bed to tell me to wake up. you're a random guy, who is super funny. someday you will find the right hoe for you. haha. thank you for being a gentleman, and for always being willing to watch psych with me. :) i really do love your parents. and the fact that you are a doorbell ditching fiend. it makes me happy to see how excited it makes you. and makes me laugh. especially when you got chased by that crazy guy in eagle mountain who charged at you like a rhino. alejandro, thank you for being one of my best friends.

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