Friday, November 19, 2010

I Love Harry Potter. I Do.

I'll Catch Up On Those Days Of Writing Certain Things;
It's Just Been Crazy As Of Late,

due to the fact that we had our wolf pack lunch yesterday.
then jennifer and i went to the mall and accomplished a lot!
i bought cyler's christmas present, which is actually his thankgsiving present.
because i spilled the beans due to the fact that i was so excited to give it to him!
(it's a wilson cast away volleyball, just FYI.)
and i wish jenn would date the man who works the sticker booth at university mall. ;)
she got her awesome juan mayer sticker, finally!
baxter looks wonderful. :)
then me, cy, and alex went heavens-knows-where before special needs mutual.
which was rather funny, because cyler is just funny. :)
and i saw the new harry potter last night with my sisters. :)
(Gryffindor Scarf & All! thanks jennifer!)
and slept at my sister's; got four hours of sleep and went and saw harry potter again with jennifer and alex. :)
then we ran errands.
alex modeled sweaters and svests at the DI.
and got some more fish.
then i headed off to my first day of work!
four hours of "on-the-job training".
thankfully, cy trained me. :)
and thankfully, most of the checkers already like me. :)
but bagging is sort-of crazy. for me at least.
i am not fast at all, but with time!
and me and cyler talked about things while we did lot.
which was really good.
and we hugged. happy day. :)
then we split a chiminychanga at beto's and got horchata on his lunch.
and i got people's sexiest men!
ahhh, ryan reynolds is gaaahhh-geous. (what a wretched word i just wrote.)
but not john burke krasinski this year. so friggen' terrible.
alex came over after work and we watched most of rat race, but he went home.
and now i get to sleep.
i'm so excited to sleep.

i dunno why i just recapped my last two days,
but i did.
so, whate'er.
it's been a good last two days; very interesting.

Tomorrow I Shall Blog Once More. :)

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