Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Heart Is Always Burning When You Swim In My Mind.

My Day Was Made By:

Three [Particular] Texts.

Oh, How Cheerful Those Three Texts Made Me This Day! :)

My Siblings, And Lunch Out With Them.

I LOVE Sibling Get-Togethers. Especially When My Brothers Are Involved.
It's Been Great Having Jakey Home, I've Missed Him.
And Lunch Today At Gloria's With All My Siblings [Minus One], Two Of My Sister-In-Laws (All Three Brother-In-Laws Were MIA.), And My Mom Was Swell.
We Always Laugh A Lot -- And It's Pretty Glorious.

Psych Came Back.

Woot Woot For Shawn And Juliet!
(I Adore James Roday. He Is A Fine Piece Of Ace.)
And, Generally, That Show Just Makes Me Feel Chipper.

Vacuuming And Fake Sibling Fights.

I Love Vacuuming Cars.
Today It Was Jennifer's Car, Baxter (Name Suggested By Yours Truly.) Which We Vacuumed.
And Me And Alex Pretended That Jenn Was Our Mom And Sat In The Back Of Her PT Cruiser And Yelled At Her And At Each Other.
(When We First Met By Hellogoodbye Is So Easy To Rock Out To, Surprisingly.)

Co-Co, Night Three!

Jon Hamm, So Very Lovely.
I Fetching Love Him And Thoroughly Enjoy Mad Men.
And Co-Co And Richter Together Are Like Butttta. Like A Big Stick Of Buttta.

Adam. Kump.

I Haven't Given Proper Attention To His Music In Far Too Long.
Today I Changed That.
And Have Listened To Him Most O' The Day.
He Shall Always Be A Delight To My Ears.

Tomorrow I Have A Job Interview At Smith's.

A Place I Am So Very Familiar With Due To The Fact That I Shop There Often,
And Two Of My Best Friends Have Been Employed There For Over Two Years, So I've Visited Them TONS.
I'm Nervous; I Just ReallyReallyReally Need A Job.
so, pray for me?

today was rather good.
I Must Say.

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  1. I'm so glad psych is back. but i haven't watched the new episode, it's on my DVR.


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