Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Touchdown, Turnaround.

Small, Large, And Pointless Things That Have Been Going On In My Life;

i read the book three cups of tea, and it amazed me.
i had a game day with cyler last week that was boatloads of fun, even if he almost always wins any game we play.
i discovered cute blonde boy in my single's wards' name; cliff. :)
(he tells me i'm good at singing. i'm a sucker for a boy who thinks that. ha.)
i made my first wedding cake, and it went surprisingly well!
i discovered that jenn is sincerely reliable when it comes to providing me with junk food. she always buys me chocolate covered raisins. what a good friend. :)
i said my goodbyes to my sister-in-law and two nephews; but i wish i'd have gotten to see my brother.
i haven't been a very good person, and am trying to work on that.
i'm still searching for an even semi-decent job.
i'm hoping to take a cake decorating class that will inevitably help me learn more about the thing i'm desiring to do with my life.
i still have a deep-seeded hatred for a certain girl, and i wish i didn't but i honestly can't get over it. i've even asked jesus for help, but maybe my asking hasn't been sincere enough. probably because of how much i freaking hate her.
i got a calling in my singles ward; i'm a member of the compassionate service committee. (i have no idea what that entails.)
i feel like i'm being left behind because everyone is starting school, regardless of if it's college or even another year of high school. i just feel.... kind of sad about it.
i'm glad that alejandro came back because i sincerely missed him while he was away. i missed him the entire almost seven weeks he was away this summer.
i'm dealing well with my best friend's girlfriend, because i genuinely like her and don't have any hard feelings towards her. i've never seen him this happy about a girl, and him being so exponentially joyous makes me happy as well.
i'm so scared about the future. i don't know what to expect or how things will go in any aspect of future happenings. it scares me to death, this not knowing thing.
i won tickets to john mayer. it'll most likely just be me a alex a great majority of the time because cy and jenn have backstage passes. but i'm so freaking happy for them, that it'll make up a bit for them not being with us.

i just have felt....

Why Is That?

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  1. http://www.uvu.edu/ca/ That's what I think you should do. :)


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