Tuesday, August 24, 2010

They'll Give Us A Talking To.

I'm Feeling Good.
Things Have Been Going Rather Well.
I Feel Like I'm In A Better Place Than I Was A Week Ago.
I Think Talking To Cyler About Things And What's Been Wrong With Me Definitely Helped.
He Basically Told Me He Believes In Me And Knows I'll Go Far.
Also That I Needed To Re-Read My Patriarchal Blessing Again,
That He Thought It'd Help.
Guess What?
It Honestly Did.
I Just Need To Exert More Effort Into My Life And My Goals.
(My Most Used Word Lately Has Been Exert, Swear On My Life.)
I've Just Been In A Better Mood Since I Talked To Cy About Things.
So Friday Was Good,
Drive-In Movie With Cy, Jenn, Erika, And Jansen. :)
Plus Me And Jenn Visited Carolina,
Jenn's Sister In Law Who I Freaking Love.
And I Got To Play With Jalyssa Who Is So Cute.
And Then Saturday I Went To Lagoon With Alejandro;
It Was Really Fun, Actually.
I Enjoyed Your-Teaming An Insane Amount With Him And Hanging Out A Bit With My Sister And Her Family.
Then That Night Cy, Jenn, Alex, And I Watched Taken And Just Hung Out Like Cool Kids.
I Rather Enjoyed That. :)
And Sunday I Went To Church For All Three Hours,
I Also Wrote A Brownie Note To Cute Cliff. :)
And More Family Interactions,
Especially With My Baby Girl Khloe.
And Today I Had More Family Stuff,
But Me, Jenn, And Cyler Hung Out Tonight.
We Just Talked,
From Parents To Poop.
And We Three-Way Hugged.
Which Was Slightly Odd,
But Always Super Funny.

and it's just been a good past couple of days.
I Have A Better Attitude.
And Am Excited For Cy's 18th Birthday Exactly One Week From Today! :)

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