Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Much I Can Tell.

This In One Of My Valentine's Cupcakes That I Made.
I Love Baking.
It's Quite Liberating.

today and yesterday i've felt off.
It's An Odd Thing.
And I Can't Believe How Well This Week Has Gone.
I'm Pretty Shocked, Actually.
And Quaintly Surprised.

(although yesterday was kind of IHH, and today up until after school it was slightly IHH.)

My Dear Best Friend,
i hope your weekend is better than you're expecting it to be.
i hope your girlfriend isn't as much of a bitch as she usually is, and the time you spend together brings joy to you, i suppose.
and i hope that you have fun with the girl with the really odd name at sweetheart's, and lamerhoe doesn't talk to you/or just feels jealous. iyick, she's such a bitch and doesn't deserve to even know you.

And To Other Best Friend,
i know that you're glad things are better with "what's-her-face", and i'm glad that that makes you happy.
i hope things will work out as they should.
and i'm glad you're loving your mandolin thus far.
and i'm sorry i haven't been as there for you lately, i feel. so i'll try to be a better friend.

And To A Friend,
i hope that in the end it all works out.
and you don't feel too hurt and neither does he, depending on what you decide to do.
and i hope you just free yourself and go out and enjoy life while you're young. you're too young to contiuously be tied down.

So, That Is All For Now.
Angels & Airwaves New CD Comes Out On Sonntag. :)
I Have Listened To Them Non-Stop All Week.

& now i'm off to do the dishes at one in the morning.
Hip Hip Hooray,
see you another day.

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