Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plain & Simple.


some days are just like that.

I Can't Complain. Today Was Alright. Mediocre, I Suppose. And Nothing Bad Happened. And Things Were Generally Normal. And That's Just Fine.

Today Wasn't Quite Significant,

16 And Pregnant Is Back.
I Didn't Get To Test In East Shore.
I Felt Jealous.
Things Were Good With Me And Mr. Applesauce.
I Love Jenn's Father's PT Cruiser.
I Found Some Nice New Musica.

i just feel like drowing my ears with:
Adam Kump Stuck In The Concrete.
LOVE As Told By Angels And Airwaves.
Allred Covering Sad Songs.
And Erin McCarley Trying To Get Love To Save The Empty.

For Some Reason,
I Love This Picture That Comes Up When Twitter Isn't Functioning.

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