Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Choo-Choo-CHOOOSE You.

Gag Me With A Spoon.

I Am Sure I'll Say That Repeatedly This Week.

I'm Also Sure By The End Of The Week I'll Have Gouged My Eyes Out.
(Or They'll Have Fallen Out By Their Own Free Will Due To The Repititious Eye Rolling That Will Occur.)
I Get Two Chock-Full Weeks Of Sick Teenage Couples Openly And Repeatedly Molesting Each Other.
(Because The Week After Valentine's Is Just About As Gruesome As The Week In Which It's Held/Prior To.)

may i just say that i'm sooooooo looking forward to that?

I'm Such An Anti-Teen Romantics Advocate, it's ridiculous.

this is the only man i plan on spending my time with this week. :)

and maybe my best friend, but he'll most likely be gaga for his gal pal this week, so that rules him out.

No Matter,
i'll listen to angels and airwaves, fleet foxes and lady gaga all week and it'll be swell, swell, swell.

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