Friday, February 5, 2010

And You Will Go To Mykonos,


i just want this week to be over already. it been one of the worst weeks i've had for some time. and somehow i could tell right off the bat that it wasn't going to go rather well.
last week was much more lovely than this bleak and generally unhappy week.

Yesterday Was The Only Swell Day Of This Seven Day Venture.
and wednesday wasn't too terrible either.

I Just Feel Like Screaming Into A Pillow (Because My Throat Couldn't Hurt Any Worse.)
And I Feel Like Rocking In A Rocking Chair While Listening To The Very Folksy Fleet Foxes.

i hope that tomorrow is mildly better.
because today was a bust and a half.

That Is All I Have To Say On The Matter.

Optimism Might Come In Handy On The Morrow,
but i make no promises concerning that.

I Apologize For My Hostility And Other Such Feelings.

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