Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching Up Via Photographs.

since i hardly even know what to post on here anymore, i'll leave you with photos of my summer thus far.
(you can find most of these photos on my instagram: @ameliazing)

junior made taylor a cute frame for her day of birth.


me and my hails.

eagle alex.

family and friends that are family.

best friend marriage. :)

my lovelies.

the wedding cake i made.
(kk, so i'm mostly proud of the bow we made out of fondant. that is all.)

i caught the bouquet. cardboard jenn is proud.

our smith's family is happy for cy cy and e. :)

my wolf pack. i love you.

<3 p="">

harriet and i in slc.

cutie taylor debra nicole miller.

midge riding harriet's new bike.

me and my midge.

family portrait.

they like each other. i like them. it's good/great/grand. 
all of the above.

me and my mal pal.

cy clocking off on his last day of work. :(

i'll miss you frodobough.

pool beauties. can't believe caitlin's been gone a month already.

babes at the postal service.

jenny lewis and benjamin gibbard.

@ the neighborhood.

fourth of july thug life.

hef and i did the color run. such fun.

breast friends. :)

love these babes.

i'll miss my dezzy.
i love my parents.

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