Friday, February 1, 2013

my thoughts are spilling over.

i added a coldplay station to my pandora, and the first song that came up was "trouble", which is one of my favorite coldplay songs. how did it know? it's got me feeling all sorts of emotional.

the office is making my chest ache. although i'm happy about the angst between jim and pam, because it adds even more depth to their realtionship, but it's hurting my heart. my favorite show ends this year. how will i manage? thinking about it makes me want to cry.

i keep dreaming about you. you'll be up here for some reason or another and i'm so excited to see you, i just hug you and smile huge like an idiot. and in one dream you were chubby and had an earring and were wearing your hair in a ponytail -- but it didn't even matter because i was so overjoyed that i was seeing you. i just miss you like crazy. who can explain that?

i discovered that bryan cranston's favorite movie is cat ballou. for some reason that makes me so happy. it's really just a fantastic film. if you've never seen it, do yourself the favor.

i leave for chicago next wednesday. i'm ecstatic to see my mandagins and to just get away for a couple of days. and i'll be in the same city as my dear courtney, who then comes home ten days after i come back. ironic.

jordan in my ward is dating this girl in my ward and i'm so happy whenever i see the two of them. they're both really great people, especially jordan. and i just want him to be happy. so i'm thrilled for them.

sometimes the maine makes me cry. their music, that is. although they are beautiful and kind gentlemen. (i drove a boy home from work and i recommended he give them a listen. and if you're reading this and haven't heard of them, please go and do.)

my lips are chapped. anyone know where i left my new chapstick?

i got to spend a great deal of today with one of my sisters and her two kids and that was nice because i miss them. she lives too far away. i need to make more time for my siblings. especially my sisters. thankfully heather lives nearby and we try and hang out every week but i hardly see meg or em, and i miss them. i'm looking forward to going to chicago with megan. that will be a lovely treat.

a lady came through my line today, and the bagger asked her if she was excited for the superbowl. she said she couldn't care less, and then said, "i'm more of a pride and prejudice kind of gal." she made my day.

speaking of which, if you are a fan of pride and prejudice go and watch the lizzie bennett diaries on youtube. daniel vincent gordh and ashley clements are certainly worth the 80 something episodes thus far. it makes my heart happy.

i don't know what else to say. my head is somewhat a mess today.
i shall retire to my bedchambers and finish seven psychopaths.

g'night void.

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