Sunday, January 27, 2013

4 Days Out.

i should've created this blog post four days ago, but time hasn't permitted me to.
(also, 4 days out is the name of an awesome breaking bad episode -- but that's neither here nor there.)

On Wednesday, My Best Friend Jennifer Turned 21.
i can't even wrap my head around it.
i met jenn when were were 14. i had just moved from american fork, and i honestly hated it here. i especially hated my school. and my german class wasn't much of an exception. but there was this girl in my german class, and i thought she was so weird. but, funny. the teacher would create story prompts and ask us for input and she would always suggest a story about a military trained monkey; and the teacher would get so frustrated. it made all of us laugh. we had german names that we were given, and her name was barbel and mine was tibelda. seriously, the ugliest and frumpiest of german names. poor us.
when ninth grade rolled around, we had german 2 together. still didn't take that much notice. we talked a little but i am super shy when i don't know people, so there was that.
then the beginning of the second semester started and not only did we have german 2 together, but we also had PE and world civ together. and we somehow became friends. she had good taste in music, and we found out that we both shared a dislike for oprah and also a desire for dr. phil to become president. i got up the nerve to add her on myspace, because that was once what people did, long before facebook was really a thing, and she denied my friend request, so i figured we were just going to be "non myspace" friends and just simply be school friends. but then i gave adding her another shot and she accepted me. (later she claims she thought she hit accept, but whateverrrr, jennipferd. drama.)
and so we were friends. we went to a few movies and over the summer we IM'd and her and devin wrote on my myspace all the time and then in the fall we were in german 3 together.
and it was then when i became her assistant and she was the doctor, and the rest is history.
(and in total, we took 4 and a half years of german together. do we speak any of it? that's a big NO. sad life.)

jenn has stuck by me through the thick and thin.
even in the moments when we've been fighting or pissed off, they've still been so funny. like our whirlpool of hate and her slapping me in the face with a flip flop, or us swearing at each other on the phone. those were our bad moments, and yet they're also so hilarious. i don't even know why.
jenn is loyal, dependable, adorable (i threw that one in there for you. you know you love it.), funny, ridiculous, dedicated, sarcastic, and the biggest john mayer enthusiast the world has ever seen.
i couldn't ask for a better best friend.
and in around 38 days, she leaves to madrid, spain (god willing) for 18 months.
i don't know what i'll do.
who will i call when the office ends?
who will put up with the emotional mess that is my life?
it's going to be so hard, but spain is so lucky to get this wonderful ecua-lombian to teach them the gospel!
and when she comes back, we'll get people together and move to seattle and live out our dreams of being an awesome screenwriting team or something and she'll have like a respectable job and i'll just be writing and trying to find a man who looks like john krasinski, but it'll be wonderful.
so, here's to you jenny.
you've been my best friend for six years, and you'll be my best friend for many more.
love you, jenn!

If There Were Any Picture That Would Properly Describe Our Friendship,
this would be the one.

(note: i tried to do this chronologically, but gave up, clearly. love you boo. and there are so many other pictures i wanted to use, but i tried to show some self control.)

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  1. 1. I love your new blog layout. Its adorable and 2. you're my favorite person. 18 months is nothing. It'll go by so fast :)


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