Monday, October 22, 2012

My Night Life Isn't All That Exciting.

it's almost 2:30 and i should be sleeping because i'm mildly ill and extremely tired, but i can't stop watching supernatural.
it's like last winter, when i rediscovered it and watched two to three episodes a night, and i would end up going to bed at like 3 or 4,
and then i finished the first six seasons and kind of put it in the back of my mind.
then the same thing happened when i discovered breaking bad, because i'd watch two episodes a night, so i would also stay up until 3 or 4.
and this went on for a month or so until i was caught up, and then i depended on season 5 once a week until the season ended.
and then netflix put season 7 of supernatch up and i've spent like four nights like total watching it, and tonight i figured i'd watch a couple of episodes, but a couple has turned into around five and now i'm halfway into the second to the last episode of the season and i'm toying with the idea of just finishing this episode or watching it and the season finale which is next.

honestly? i'll probably end up watching the season finale.
i can't just stop.
and tomorrow i will begin the quest of watching season 8 on hulu, and in a day or two i'll be caught up and actually have to record it on my DVR once a week. sigh.

this has been a rambling post about my sleep deprivation due to supernatural and breaking bad.
it's kind of awful, but,
no regrets,
just love.
(and a severe lack of sleep.)

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