Wednesday, July 18, 2012

do i have things figured out at all, since last posting?
that's a big negatory.
i feel even more confused, really.
and i keep making decisions that aren't the best--
so there's that.
i'm still (deeply) in like with my half ginger, movie soulmate.
there's not really any hope he likes me back; and that's okay,
i think.
we have a rather decent friendship, so i should dwell on that.
all i've listened to for the last week is keane's CD, "strangeland".
it's very pretty. i mean it.
go give "black rain", "neon river"and "sea fog" a listen.
those are probably my favorites, although i love basically every song on that particular CD.
some days you just buy some of tpain's music for no particular reason, and frank ocean's. (his voice is dreamy. similar to john legend. mmmm.)
and sometimes it's late at night and you sit at the computer and your mother vents to you about spiders and mice and frustrating things,
but you're tired and so you just nod your head and say that you're sorry.
(which you are. but it's late, and you want to be counting z's.)
this post really has no point.
there's a lot i'd like to say,
but where to begin,
but i did see the amazing spiderman tonight at the drive-in,
and that wasn't too bad.
except drivein movies make me restless, so i probably missed out on a lot.
but it was a nice day, in all honesty.
chili's with cy and alex, then back massagers at bed, bath, and beyond, buying school supplies to donate to an eagle project, hanging out with caid (who turns 10 on thursday. makes me feel so very old), then brayden told us how he broke a kid's arm at youth conference, creamsicle sno cones, then meeting up with jenn and caitlin and heading to the ghetto of west valley and seeing andrew garfield in "the amazing spiderman".

all in all, not too bad of a day. :)

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