Monday, April 30, 2012

things you should know,

cyler has been home for about three weeks, now, and it hasn't been easy for him at all, but i'm glad he's back, to be honest,
i am still "in lust" with the banker, but it has diminished a bit with the sincere liking of a certain gentleman,
this certain gentlemen just so happens to be my movie soul mate, and i like him immensely,
friendships have been strained a bit the past two weeks, and it's been weird,
i seriously like one direction -- it's kind of awful how much i enjoy their music,
you would be surprised by how good the movie cabin the woods actually was,
i've had a zit on my face for three weeks, and i think it might finally be departing, but i could be wrong,
i have around seven different books that i'm trying to read,
work has consumed my life as of late,
mad men has been back for a little over a month and it's been so phenomenal this season, i can't hide how happy it makes me,
i am longing for a vacation so badly,
courtney has been gone a little over officially six months, only one more year to go, it's exciting,
amanda may has been here for a few days and it's been lovely, because i've missed her a lot,
i turn 21 in less than seven months: YIKES,

and that's kind of all i have to say at 2:30 in the morning.

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  1. yay amelia! (:
    i like your post full of random facts. i enjoy them alot.

    yay for courtney!!! i love her so much.

    i will be home this week by the way. (:
    let's get together?


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