Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Wanna Have The Same Last Dream Again.

my best friend goes through the temple tomorrow morning.
needless to say, i'm excited for him.
it's a big deal. a big step.
he leaves in 26 days.
only 26 days.
can you believe it?
i certainly cannot.
he flies off to ghana on thursday, march 22, at 11 AM or so.
the reality is really starting to sink in.
tonight, jenn, cy and i drove around, all over.
and we listened to the adventure; and i cried. ha.
(silently and to myself in the backseat. but whatevs.)
i'm just feeling a lot of emotions.
("i just have a lot of feelings." "SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE!")
some sadness,
and a few aches and pains in places in my soul.
it will be an adjustment, him leaving.
and we probably won't get to correspond a ton while he's on his mission, because he's so far away and can only email his family.
but everything will be great.
he will do amazingly. i know it in my bones.
and his family and friends will support him the best we can.

We're Just Going To Have To Make The Next 26 Days Count,
because he's about to start one of the greatest adventures of his life. :)

(me and my beasties, tonight. i made us dinner and we had a grand old time. i love these people with my entire souls. also, taylor just does the best frown. we are merely amateurs compared to her.)

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