Wednesday, February 29, 2012

27 Dresses. But, Not Really.

today is the day that my dear friend ashley gets married. :)
i'm incredibly excited for her. truly.
we've been friends since the beginning of our sophomore year.
we had biology, history and math (for dummies) together.
she used to poke me when i fell asleep in math, just so i'd make weird noises.
she witnessed the one time i walked straight into a pole during a fire-drill.
and we dissected frogs together.
and that, my friends, was just the beginning.
we bonded over similar tastes in music, and our friends that overlapped into each other's "groups".
(although jenn told me not to be friends with her at first. contention.)
she quickly became one of my best friends, and still is.
i can talk to her about most anything.
i have fantastic memories with her.
i can't count the times we skipped school together.
we once witnessed a drug deal at a KFC during red ribbon week; true story.
we did anything we could to avoid going to class.
be it walking the deep back roads of lehi just to get to pioneer party and buy ourselves some tutti frutti's.
or skipping class in haws when there was a snow storm.
maybe we weren't the best influences on each other school-wise, but that is all in the past.
i miss us kidnapping her for her birthday and taking her to ihop.
we once owned three frogs with carson. they were called the adventure triplets. we took them into the hangover with us. needless to say, they didn't live for very long.
we once fought with obnoxious fourteen year olds at a park during a meteor shower.
her birthday is christmas. (but really it's in june. she'll always be jesus to me.)
she loves me, because she gave me so much cotton candy one time, i thought i was gonna hurl pink for the rest of my life.
the day of our junior prom, we kept a spiderman walkie talkie with us and talked to the little boy on the other end of the walkie talkie. we taught him of life. he was probably scarred for life, honestly.
there are just so many memories, i wish i could list them all.
i'm just happy for her. i know she isn't dying or going anywhere, but she's getting married! and that's crazy.
that is all.
ashley is such an amazing person, and i just hope she has a fabulous day!
today shall be an interesting day, to say the least.
(i'm a bridesmaid, and i barely just finished her wedding cake. this was the result;)

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  1. awww i love this. :) and the cake looks so good!! you did awesome as always :)


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