Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Traditions.

everyone has them.
here are a few of ours.
(well, old ones we used to do before all of my siblings up and got married, and the few we still do.)

Sleeping In The Same Room Together.
one of the best parts of christmas was sleeping in the same room with five of my older siblings. (i don't remember when megan slept with us, because she was off living her life when i remember christmas as a child.) us three girls would usually sleep on the floor of the boys' room. and we'd watch and movie and eventually, after a great length of time, fall asleep. (or not.) the last time i remember us doing this tradition was when we lived in american fork, and well before emily got married. so, it's been too long.
Family Prayer.
we'd say prayer as a family every morning and every night. and every night, whoever's turn it was to pray got to pick the christmas song we'd sing in the month of december. the song we picked the most? rudolph the red nosed reindeer. "the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."
our stockings are special. we each get a little box of cereal, a banana, a thing of cocoa, and a treat that we love. we always fight over who gets what cereal. (it even happened tonight.) jamie always gets bacon bits in his stocking, because he eats them straight up. emily and heather get a can of olives. ben gets black licorice. jakey gets pistachio's. megan gets whatever my mom happens to get her, and so do i.
Christmas Eve.
the most important part of christmas. always has been, always will be. we used to always go to my grandma's house on christmas eve, and she'd give us her presents. it was the greatest. all of us playing with her toys, watching christmas shows and movies, and opening presents. the last time we got to spend christmas with our grandma was about five years ago, because she moved to california. but those christmas eves are some of my favorite memories. nothing can beat grandma's on christmas eve. but, even now it's the biggest part of our holiday. it's when me, my parents, my siblings, their husbands and wives and now the grandkids get together. and we eat, drink and be merry. and give each other the christmas gifts we got for one another. tonight was no exception to this christmas tradition, and, it was wonderful.

Christmas Isn't Really The Same When You Get Older.
in ways, it's less magical and has lost it's glimmer and appeal.
but my favorite part of christmas is buying or making gifts for people. i could honestly care less what someone gets for me, or if they get me anything at all; i just love the happiness on someone's face when they open the gift you got them. (or the screams you hear while changing out of your work clothes in the bathroom at your sister's when she opens the star trek cups you got her. haha.)
And Even Though, After Tomorrow, Christmas Will Have Once Again, Come And Gone,
i hope we can remember how it makes us feel.
the excitement. the giddyness. the beauty of the lights. the luster of the snow. (or lack there-of. it's ridiculous. i want snow.) and the love that we feel for those who are dear to us.

have yourself a merry little christmas. let your heart be light.

Happy Christmas, Friends. :)
(a few pictures from my christmas eve.)

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  1. I loved this! Thank-you! I need to forward this Mike's parents!


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