Sunday, July 3, 2011

From A Method To A Methodist.

i feel as if i've been away for far too long.
this past week was a busy one, to say the least.
i hardly had a moment to spend time on the interweb; i especially lacked the time to write anything particularly note-worthy.
but my very good week was well worth it. :)
especially the house party jenn hosted on thursday.
i'll spare you the details, and just inform you of scandalous dancing, more del taco than you could imagine, ridiculous karaoke, human diving boards and random, yet wondrous, old and new friends. :)
(the dancing was probably my favorite part. it just escalated really quickly.)

Tomorrow Is The Fourth.
the day to celebrate our country's freedom.
i'm very grateful for the country i am able to live in.
and for the people who've sacrificed their lives to keep us free.
i'd particularly like to thank my brother, jakey, for serving his country nobley (is that a word? i feel it isn't. or i'm using it in the wrong context....), and i so look forward to his returning from afghanistan within the next week. :)

today i was able to attend church. only sacrament meeting, because for some reason i cannot make it through more than an hour of church these days.
jennifer came with me. jessica sat with us. clifton blessed the sacrament. jordan presided. cody came. and i bore my testimony for the first time in over a year.
i'd never done it in my singles ward before today, as sad as that is.
and although i was a bundle of nerves, i feel like i said what i needed to say.
how i've lacked spirituality lately, and maybe even my testimony. but i'm working on getting back on the right track.
(also, i think i got released a sunday i didn't attend church... because someone else was called to my calling today. haha. i wasn't any good at it anyways, so all is well.)
i'm trying. really i am. it may not seem like it, but it's something i working towards.
I'm Trying To Be A Better Person.
it just takes... time.

so this one's dedicated to my friends, who let me always hang out with them.
if you're near or far, whether short or tall, i wanna thank you all, for letting me be your friend. :)

jennifer. cyler. courtney. alex. megan. lexi. hailey. maria. riley.
& others.

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  1. "AMERICA!
    did you just yell america?
    end quote of the other guys."

    that man was my hero.


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