Saturday, June 18, 2011

it's just been one of those days, you know? a day that's not terrible, but that's not really worthwhile at all.
it sucks when you don't have enough money to purchase a CD you'd like, a movie you've always wanted and the gift you'd been planning on giving your papa for father's day, for a month.
it's a shame when lifetime plays sundays at tiffany's; because they absolutely ruined that book. james patterson should be ashamed of their unloyal interpretation. i loathe it. one day, i'll re-make it. the way it should be.
it's sad when your best friend is in a bad mood, so he takes it out on you. thus, making you feel more forlorn for the rest of the day. and nothing will really help that.
it's wretched when you work for seven and half hours, the day before father's day, at a grocery store where no one appreciates the work that you do. baggers do not get paid enough. when we do the most work. it's not terribly hard work, but when you take your job seriously, like i tend to do, it's tiring making sure people's groceries stay intact and that the store is clean and that there's enough carts. at least i know i have good work ethic, right? ha.
it also sucks when you work at eight AM tomorrow for seven and a half more hours.
life will be better once it's tomorrow afternoon.

i know i shouldn't dwell on the negative, but i'm in a mildly sour mood.
i just need to go to sleep, so i can wake up in the morning, shower, and feel refreshed.
Life Is Alright.
i just need to focus on the good things.

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