Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cause The Boys In The Hood....

hello there, interweb.
'tis been awhile since i've shared my thoughts and adventures with you.

cyler's graduation was lovely; i can't express how ecstatic i was when i saw him walk out and go sit down.
he looked so freaking handsome, you've no idea.
and we screamed so very loud whenever they call his name. :)
it was fantastic.
afterwards, we snapped some pictures of him and chad;they're best friends, y'know.
and then we all took respective photos with him, i enjoy ours. :)the rest of that day was very enjoyable, and me, cy, jenn, and e saw xmen; first class. loved it. mmmm, james mcavoy and michael fassbender. so very attractive.
and friday jennifer and i attended lehi's graduation, in support of olive city.
i had tatum with me, so people assumed i was a teenage mother, i'm sure.
and i ran into the lovely megan abel and her man, mckay. :)
she's a delight!
and then we attended cy's graduation party, which was swell because i got to meet a lot of cy's family that i never had met before, and see his aunt amanda and uncle doug who are my favorites.
then we had a little fire in his yard, and that was it.
and saturday was earthfest; jenn and i went with teal and lochlyn and hung out with jeffe and megan there as well.
i finally saw all time low. :)
ahhhhh. so wonderful. and cobra starship.after the concert, we fetched court and went to arby's and got some wonderful food.
then we visited cy at work, who worked an eleven hour shift -- yikes.
he wasn't in a good mood, understandably so.
i was mostly following him around, because when he's in a bad mood it rubs off on me and i just feel bad.
and at one point he walked away and then was coming back over and said, "surprise sneak hug!" and we hugged.
it was very wonderful. and lengthy, and very needed hug.
he is a swell human being. :)
sunday, i got to attend church. it'd been quite awhile.
i'm quite certain that i haven't attended fast and testimony meeting in over six months; i wholeheartedly enjoy it.
and cyler brought cody with him.
church with cyler will always be my favorite thing; i miss it so much.
he looks incredibly handsome in his new suit. it screams missionary. wonderful.
and i met my new niece, suzie mae on sunday. :)
she is a cutie and a half!
i love her, a lot.
and tater tot and i played in the water on that beautiful day.
it's delightful that my nephews and niece are getting older. they are so much fun. :)
today, before work, i met up with cyler and we had lunch together at subway. so i was fifteen minutes late to work; entirely worth it.
nothing beats lunch with your best friend. :)
and jennifer was half an hour late to work.
y'know why? she was having lunch with courtney at subway.
we couldn't stop laughing when we discovered this.
this evening jenn and i sat on my porch and talked about a lot.
life. love. providing for the common welfare.
it was so nice.
nothing beats gorgeous summer nights,
in which we listen to awesome music and laugh a lot.

You Know What Tomorrow Is?
The Maine.

oh, john ohhh, two years is far too long for us to go without seeing each other.
cyler, jennifer and i will indeed have a nice time.
i've no doubt. (like the band.)

did i mention that the scottish festival is on friday?
and how excited i am for that?
i'll buy a handful of blue bottles that contain cream soda, even if i won't drink it.
and i'll bask in the splendor of them.

one of my closest friends from highschool, ashley aka jesus, got engaged last weekend;
i'm going to be making her wedding cake. :)
and she asked me to be a bridesmaid.
you have no idea how all that is just crazy, but i'm looking forward to it. :)

things are changing, all around me.
i hope i'm prepared to take them head on.
and i think i actually have a plan for my future; so that is something to be noted.
G'night, Vast World.
sorry my thoughts are scattered and i'm mostly just informing you of the recent events that have occurred in my life.


  1. I am going to the Scottish festival on Saturday! (Must represent for the mish!) I want to run into you!!

  2. i'm so glad we always run into each other.


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