Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Snip Snap Snip Snap Snip Snap!

update on the indiana kid who has been texting me since sunday.

i think he's the one.
we've just been talking 24/7 and he's so bright and lovely,
i really think he might be my mr. right. <3

oh, i am sincerely just kidding.

actually? it's gotten kind of weird....
he made me describe what i look like.
and asked if i wanted to swap pictures with him;
i told him my ghetto phone has no camera,
so he just sent me a photo of him.
Yeah. I'm Not Shallow, But I'm Really Not Interested.
he texted me this after i described my "looks";
(which was: "i'm a curvy and chubby brunette with dark, wavy hair, blue eyes and a sparkling personality." hahaha. how do i describe my looks? seriously?)
"well, your name is beautiful. and your eyes must be too, and from what i know... your personality is exquisite."
Which Is Sweet, Do Not Get Me Wrong,
but, we really hardly know each other.
we haven't had deep enough conversations to actually know each other's personality.
plus, quite a lot of things he says just goes over my head, and he never explains what the heck he's talking about.

I Dunno, It's Just All Really Strange And Mildly Awkward.
i'm cool with being "texting buddies" and all, but when the person double texts you after you taking more than three minutes to reply, it gets annoying and becomes more work than it should be.

hmm, oh well, c'est la vie.

This Week's Been Good, Minus Being Ill, And Awkward Texts And Such.
jennifer took me to her house on monday and her mother gave me medicine and dinner. :)
then her, junior and i watched my soul to take, which was surprisingly good for a "horror" movie.
and i've been watching barbara every day this week, which has been lovely. :)
then yesterday i brought cy cy a smoothie at work and just hung out with him there for basically two and a half hours.
and i spent the evening at his house watching the playoff's and using my favorite blanket of all time. :)
he and cabes laughed at the texts that the indiana guy was sending me.
and i went home at like twelve something.
so, all in all, a successful day.
and thus far, a successful week.

Although, I'm Pretty Certain That Today I Look Like A Zombie Because I Cried For Like Twenty Minutes This Morning When My Car Wouldn't Start.
in my family, we often cry when we're feeling poorly.
But It's A Beautiful Day,
so i'll just bask in that thought. :)

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