Thursday, March 3, 2011

PGHS Creepin'.

i did in fact spend my thursday evening in pleasant grove;
mostly at pleasant grove high school.
a place that i had never been before tonight.
and which is a combination of AFHS, LHS, and maybe even westlake a little.

Cyler, Alex, Jennifer, And Myself Went To Support Cy's Girlfriend, E-Bal In The District Science Fair.
cy had brought his camera, and i spent most of the night snapping random photos.
at one point, i shoved alex into a locker and ran away.
i think it helped get my frustration out.
as terrible as that is. ha. :)

and after perusing around PGHS for over an hour and a half, and after taking many pictures of cyler jumping over things, we left and visited the purple turtle. :)

Large Ice Cream Cones Were Consumed.
brain freezes occurred.
fun was had. :)

It Was A Wonderful Wolf Pack Night.
one of which we haven't had in far too long, in my opinion.

oh, and on a more weird note, i guess you could say;

after getting to PGHS we wandered around to get a look at everything there was to be seen there, and jennifer totally came across megan abel's name.
It Was On A List Of Graduating Students Or Something Along Those Lines.
i can't exactly remember.

We Both Were Very Wide-Eyed After We Saw Her Name.
and we may have gotten excited and had to explain just who she is to cy and al.
We Blog-Stalk Because We Care.

Swell Night. Honestly.


  1. i feel like such a creep. but i've gotta admit, it was random and pretty awesome

  2. this is fantastic & made me smile.


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