Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Justice Beaver.

i actually saw the movie "never say never".

I Can Honestly Tell You That I Never Planned On Seeing It.
i do say never.
and the words "justin bieber" and "never" are often used in my every day vocabulary.
it just sort of happened.
3D & All,

i think i might've liked it.
i'm no "belieber",
i do not really hate him anymore.

you must know;
i do still think he's seriously full of himself, though. which i do not like.

i don't mean for that to be rude; he just shouldn't have a movie about the first (barely) seventeen years of his life.
But, Whatevs I S'pose.

oh yeah, BYU kind of lost tonight.
soooooo.... that fills my soul with anguish.

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