Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Us? Because We're Strong, Dwight. Because We're Strong.

too much work for my own good.
new "kicks".
split finger.
purchase of a remake.
cy cy and jenn jenn.
chobani yogurt.

I Worked My Second Midnight Shift Of This Week, Tonight.
only two more to go.
plus working every single day of the rest of this week.

Smith's Just Might Be Out To Kill Me,
but it's worth it when i work with my spectacular best friends. :)

oh, and we may or may not be starting a bagger's alliance.
hide your groceries, hide your coupons.
cause we're gonna be out there rapin' errrybody.

that last part isn't true.

but do you want to form an alliance with me?
(i hope your answer begins with absolutely, and ends with, i do.


  1. ITS A SECRET ALLIANCE! the first rule of our secret alliance, we're not allowed to speak of our secret alliance.... :)


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