Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, Old Habits Die Hard When You've Got A Sentimental Heart.

when i was younger i used to tell my friends that when my father was on his mission, people called him elder valentine.
(because my last name is vallen, and valentine just seems fitting.)
that never happened, and i don't know why i said that.
perhaps i wanted to make my last name more insteresting.
(it means to fall in german. exciting, right?)

Ahh, Valentine's.
i'm not really a celebrator of the holiday.
i've never had a valentine.
no secret crush.
no boy to call my own.
And I Probably Won't, For A Long Long Long Time.

today i just really wanted to buy myself some pretty-smelling flowers, just for the heck of it.
i deserve flowers don't i?
i love 'em; and really wanted some.
pretty flowers from a boy would've been far more riveting than purchasing some for me, but i would've dealt with it finely.
and the yearly baking of valentine's cupcakes did commence today.
but i'll have to give them to friends on the morrow, after i make more frosting that is less the color of pukey pink.

Valentine's Shmalentine's.
it's no big deal to me -- never has been, never will be.
me and my sentimental do just fine not fretting over the longing on a valentine.

perhaps your day was more than just a monday, which mine generally was.
I Did Watch Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist And Am Watching Definitely, Maybe.
i wish i were ryan rodney reynolds' valentine. mmmmm.

But I Hope Everyone Had A Swell Day.
filled with love and happy thoughts that lift you into the air.

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