Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Could Have Been", makes me stay.


see it. just do it. really. that is, if you can get over the somewhat over-usage of the "f" word, and if you're capable of dealing with how incredibly intense it is. i swear that movie was just about to give me a panic attack -- but, it's a piece of cinematic genius. a piece of art. to have the entirety of a movie take place in a wooden coffin where a man is being held, is rather out there, i know that, but, that's part of the genius.

And Overall, Who Can Say No To An Hour And A Half Solely Dedicated To Ryan Reynolds In A Coffin?
if you say that you say that you can, then i say shaaaaaame.
he does a wonderful acting job in it. he made me cry, just about three times. and the ending, well, people will take to it different ways. but it's just an overall good, intense movie. and, well, i loved it.
even though it is a galaxy away from an uplifting film, it did help this loathesome day turn out a bit better than expected.

I'm Being Serious, Here.
Do See It.
it's something you really must see for yourself.
it's groundbreaking.

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