Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Three Days Late.

(slowly but surely catching up.)

Day Drei; The Parental Units.

Meet Jim And Harriet.

they are my parental units.
they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. :)
they have seven children, and eight(?) grand-children.

Jim Was Born in 1957.

his ma's name is mary kay, who goes by just kay, and his papa's name was george.
he's the youngest of three boys.
He Used To Have A Lot Of Hair.
(that is, until he lost it in his 20's.)

Harriet Was Born In 1954.

her ma's name was willadeen, most people called her willy, and her pa's name was harold.
she's the middle child between two brothers.

(this is her at age 18.)
and she's a nurse. :)

I Love My Parents.
They've Taught Me Most Of What I Know.
They've Set Good Examples For Me Throughout My Life.
My Mother Was 21 When She Joined The Church.
My Father Was 18 or 19.

i'm a lot like both of them. i'm rather sensitive like my father, and weird and funny like my mother. (granted, both of my parents are really funny.)
whenever me and my mother go out together we take on second identities.
she's verna, and i'm velma.
we especially enjoy cracker barrell and crocheted seat covers. :)
she loves quilt shops but has scarred me for life from having to wait for at least an hour in a car for her.
but, i still love her.
and my father has instilled in me a passion for college sports.
mostly BYU sports.
especially basketball.
i love our memories of going to games together. :)

My Parents Are Swell.
as i'm sure most everyone else's are too.
and thankfully i've almost always gotten along with them.
(but there are times. trust me.)

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