Sunday, November 14, 2010

Her Heart Lies Awake At Night.

I had a really strange dream last night.

I remember being with my friends, and some extra people. My house wasn't my house, as it never seems to be. Cyler told me that this guy I went to school with liked me. His name's Colby; we had seminary together. He only talked to me when we sat near each other for a month and a half. He was a year my senior, and some school big-shot. I always found him attractive; mmmm. Nowadays, he's on a mission. Kudos, Colby. Kudos. Anywho, so he apparently dug me like a grave. Which I found to be rather outlandish. And he was on his way to come pick me and my friends up to go to some shindig that I no longer recall. He even rented a limo van (yes, limo van) for the occassion. Because he wanted to "impress me". I remember me looking wretched, because I had three minutes to get ready. I remember tearing a pair of shoes I really like, and having to run back into my house to get a new pair. Then I remember me sitting shotgun, him sitting in the seat behind me. And he popped his head between my seat and the driver's seat to talk to whoever was driving, and he wrapped his arm around me, and had it sitting on my lap. So, instinctively, I tickled it (as I so enjoy doing). And he stopped paying attention to the driver, because I'd cast some arm-tickling-voodoo-spell on him. I remember him smiling at me, and me smiling gently back. This was my dream.

dreams are enthralling. they're mysterious as well.
Why That Certain Boy? Why A Limo Van? Why Any Of It?
who knows, it's nebulos.

But other than that, I'm just ill. And have been since yesterday. And I only went to sacrament meeting today, which was good per usual. (Except the fact that I didn't 100% focus on testimony meeting because I was too distracted by looking at the back of Cliff's head. Ha.) I also got a new calling; instead of simply being a "compassionate service committee member", I'm now the "compassionate service committee leader". Ihh, I dunno how I feel about being a leader of anything, so we'll see how this goes.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving; because Jake goes back to Afghanistan a week from tomorrow. I'm finally baking the pomegranate mousse pie, and I hope it turns out well.

Chapstick has been my savior since I became sick. Thank the heavens for nivea.

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  1. dreams are fun :]

    "he dug me like a grave"
    I'll have to use that phrase sometime

    and pomegranate mousse pie? That sounds AWESOME

    do tell how it turns out :D


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