Thursday, July 1, 2010

" 'why do things this beautiful make me want to cry?' i asked michael as i leaned into him. it was an unguarded question, one i'd never have asked of hugh. 'i don't know,' said michael. 'maybe beauty, true beauty, is so overwhelming, it goes straight to our hearts. maybe it makes us feel emotions that are locked away inside.' he blinked and gave a bashful smile. 'sorry, i've been watching oprah again.' i smiled back, delighted with this man who could actually laugh at himself. the exact opposite of hugh: not grant, not jackman, not in my life anymore. we walked around the spectacular room, filling our eyes and our hearts, not speaking for a few moments. after a while, it seemed that we both knew it was time to leave."

- Sundays At Tiffany's.

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