Sunday, July 25, 2010

What's Left To Lose?


I'm Incredibly Disappointed In Myself.

And It's All Me.
The Entirety Of That Truth Is Just.... Me.
I've Made The Mistakes.
I've Done The Wrongs.
I've Let Others And Myself Down.

and it's purely due to not putting effort in on my part,
not putting effort into my life.

I Need Change.

And I,
I Will Have To Be The Change.

because i'm honestly just not that happy.

So Starting Today,
I'm Going To Attempt To Be The Best Version Of Myself.

I'm Making Goals,
And I Plan On Pulling Through With Each Of Them.

It's Do Or Die.

(or build up some self-esteem or confidence in myself OR be generally unhappy with the person i am at this moment.)

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