Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whisper Like Violins While Waiting For You There.

My Basement Feels Like A Giant Freezer.
I'm Done With Immature Ninth Graders. They Can Go To Hale, Maryland For All I Care.
I Watched This Weird Independent Movie Called Home Movie And It Nearly Freaked Me Out As Much As Paranormal Activity Did. (Which Is Quite A Feat.)
I Throroughly Enjoy New Music For January; I've Paid Little To No Attention To Her As Of Late.
My Never-Ending Headache Has Been 10X Worse Lately Because I Just Don't Feel Like Wearing My Glasses.
I'm Having To Break The Habit Of Looking Down At Cyler's House When I'm Upstairs.
I Went To The Singles Ward On Sunday, And It Surprisingly Wasn't As Bad As I'd Thought It Would Be. (Total Number Of Even Mildly Attractive Men: Possibly Three.)
The Only Reason I'm Looking Forward To Youth Conference Is Hanging Out With Cy And Alex.
I Still Have To Find A Job.
The Large Bag Of Lifesavers Mints I Have Seem To Have Not Diminished In Numbers Even Though I've Eaten A Ton Of Them Over The Past Few Weeks.
Star-Gazing Is Magical.
Today I Had To Cut And Then Food-Process More Tomatoes Than One Could Count, And They Surprisingly Didn't Gross Me Out As They Once Did.
The Fact That Slinky-Dog In Toy Story Two Says "I May Not Be A Smart Dog, But I Know What Roadkill Is," Makes Me More Happy Than It Should And Makes Me Laugh So Hard.
I Can't Believe How Gung-Ho I Am About This. I Can't Believe I, Of All People, Would Admit That The Two Of You Have A Lot Of Potential. I Even Told You That All I Said Should Mean A Whole Lot Coming From Me, And I Hope You Meant It When You Told Me It Did.
New Chapstick Or Bust.
I Honestly Hope That Alex Goes To Lehi Next Year With Cyler. Oh, You've No Idea How Much I Want That To Happen. If They Had Each Other To Rely-On Next Year, It'd Make A Huge Difference; For The Both Of Them.
I've Been Playing An Insane Amount Of Spider Solitaire As Of Late.
We All Hold Back, Especially When It Comes To Our True Feelings.
Going To Barnes and Noble Is A Must, Because I Need To Find Some Great Books To Read.
I Really Do Want To Sleep Out On My Lawn One Night This Week.
I Think I've Accepted The Fact That I'll Be A Cat-Lady. (Minus The Cats, For I Loathe Cats.) I'm Pretty Sure That No Guy Will Ever Feel Remotely Similar To How I Feel And Have Felt About Other Guys.
When I'm On My Computer And I Highlight A Word, My Computer Shows Me Different Spanish Words For That Word. I Freaking Love It.

The Grass Is Green,
The Sky Is Clear,
And We Don't Have Anything To Fear.

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