Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

I Love My Father Very Much.
He Gave Me His Blue Eyes.
He Gave Me His Forgiving Nature.
He Gave Me A Love For BYU Sports. (The One I Feel Indebted To Give Thanks To Him Is For My Love Of Basketball.)
He Gave Me Memories Of Me And Him Going To See A Cheap Movie On A Monday Night.
He Gave Me Moments Where In Church He'd Let Me Roll Up His Tie And Place It Under His Chin And Wait, In Suspense, For Him To Let It Go And Have It Fall Back Into Place.
He Gave Me A Roof Over My Head, And All The Things Necessary And Unnecessary To Make Life Manageable.
He Gave Me A Better Life By Joining The Church When He Was 19.
He Gave Me A Desire To Search Out The Knowledge Of History And To Get To Know Those Who've Come Before Me.

he has kept my feet on the ground,
and i'm so thankful for him.

(but i'll be more thankful if he doesn't give me his hair. i'd rather not be bald. (: )

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