Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't Hesitate, Don't Disappear.

I Can't Get Over How Summer-Perfect Last Night Was.
Any Night That You Lay On The Lawn With Your Best Friend And Others And Look At The Stars Has Great Potential.
And The Rest Of The Night Was Even More Splendid!
I Spelled Out Words And Phrases On Cyler's Back And Made Him Guess What I Was Saying.
The Word "Book", Is Now Me, His, And Valerie's Inside Joke.
And Then The Three Of Us Sat On A Blanket On My Lawn With A Candle And Told Life Stories And Made-Up Tales.
Cyler's Frightful Story Was The Highlight Of That Venture.
Even Though Halfway Through His Story My Sprinklers Came On And Soaked Us.
But We Just Wound Up Sitting In The Street For Like Two More Hours.
And Cyler Went Home And Snuck Back Out For Us,
Just So We Could Continue Our Adventures.
And I've Now Finally Been On Top Of The Ranches Academy!
I Won't Explain The Near Shame I Experienced In Attempting And Finally Getting Up To The Ladder.
(Cyler Had To Grope My Butt To Help Get Me Up There.)
(And Also My Panic Attack Due To My Vertigo.)
But The Roof Was Splendid And The World Was Beautiful At Three Something In The Morning.

and although i'm sad that neither jenn nor alex could be there,
for with their presence it would've only been more wonderful;

It Still Sure Was A Beautiful Night.
And Rather Memorable As Well. :)

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