Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Middle Name Is Always.

Things That Have Made Me Mildly To Quite Happy As Of Late;

This Tweet By John Ohhh: ¡Órale...Los Suns!
The Vast Amount Of Rain And Cloudy, Grey Skies.
Glee. I Never Thought I'd Love It; I Thought Wrong, Clearly.
'Tis Almost The Summer Season, Which Shall Be Filled With Not Only Mild And Temperate Feelings, But Loud, Gusty Feelings As Well.
The Good Ol' Four Member Wolf Pack.
The Scent Of My Shampizzle.
New Things To Bake. For Example: Raspberry Cheescake Bars.
Angels And Airwaves Next Montag.
The Two New Singles The Maine Has Put Out.
The Song Always By Rilo Kiley.
The Punctuation Mark That Is The Semicolon (;).
Here's Your Booooooks.
The NBA Semi-Finals.
My Nephews.
Quality Time With My Best Friends. :)
Glitter. (Not The Mariah Carey Movie.... Even If I Liked It Slightly.)

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