Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does It Warm You Up Like The Sun?

Thank You To The People That Keep Me Afloat.
The World Can Be A Challenging Place To Live In,
But I Am So Blessed To Have Such Wonderful Friends
And A Wonderful Family Who Is Just As Offbeat As I Just So Happen To Be.

tonight was rather swell, thanks to previously mentioned wonderful friends.

You Are My Best Friend.
Nothing Could Nor Would Ever Change That.
I Will Always Love You So Much;
More Than You Can Even Imagine.
I Cherish All The Great Moments That We've Had Together,
And I Look Forward To The Even Greater Moments We'll Have In The Future.
You Underestimate Yourself, Dear.
You Have Such A Bright Future Ahead Of You;
You Will Go So Far. (In My Head I Said That Like Forrest Gump, In Your Honor.)
No One Makes Me Laugh As Much As You;
No One Could Even Come Close.
You Are So Beautiful In So Many Ways,
And I Appreciate You So Very Much.

You Are Also My Best Friend.
I Never Thought We'd Be Where We Are Now.
Thanks For Calling Me Every Night And Just Talking To Me About Pointlessly Grand Things.
You Really Are An Amazing Person,
And I Hope You Know That I'm Grateful For You And The Friend You Are To Me.
Things Aren't Ever Perfect For You,
But I Hope And Know They'll Improve.
Thanks For Always Having Such Faith In Me.
I Will Make You Cookies Or Cupcakes With Too Much Frosting Any Time.
Thanks For Being My Doctor.
And I'm So Proud Of You For Working Hard Towards Graduating.
You're Almost There!

You're Becoming Another One Of My Best Friends.
I've Known About You Longer Than I've Actually Known You,
And You Just Fit In By Standing Out With Us.
You're Whacky And Full Of Enthusiasm.
Thank You For All That You Do,
And The Laughs You Bring Me When We Listen To Will Smith,
Or When You Doorbell Ditch While Wearing A Suit.
You're A Nice Kid,
And I'm Glad That You're One Of The Puzzle Pieces In The Wolf Pack Puzzle That We Are.
You And Your Jimmy Neutron Hair Have A Lot Of Potential.

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