Thursday, April 22, 2010

They Would Make Your Name Sing.

Marching Bands Of Manhattan.

when i hear this song, i'm transported to a different place.
a place where the wind is tangling my hair.
a place where the air rushing past me makes me cold.
instinct tells me to go inside; to get away from the chill in the air & the mist of cold water.
but my heart is telling me the opposite.
relish in this moment.
i want to look at the city that the boat is pulling away from.
turning it simply into a decadent, fading skyline.
soon enough, my feet will touch solid groud.
but i won't feel the same.
something about ferry boats & death cab for cutie do this to me.
they will have triggered change, but after awhile all that will fade.
normalcy will be reinstated.
but i'm allowed to set my mind to that moment.
music. wind. mist. boat. skyline.
cold body. warm spirit. intrigued mind.

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