Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two of Hearts.

• You Don’t Even Know How Much I Want A Pocket Watch.
• I Don't Feel Like That Great Of A Friend.
• I Need Motivation.
• I Actually Do Wish I Were Going To Prom. (Even With Someone Relatively Offbeat.)
• I Don’t Want You To Move.
• Life Is Cluttered. (More Like My Head.) At Least Mine Is.
• I Am So So So So So So So So Grateful For My Friends, But Especially My Two Best Friends.
• I Hate The Zit On My Face.
• I Need/Want A Job. Really Badly. But Where To Look?
• I’m Thuper Duper Exthited For Cy’s Mustache. I Don’t Know Why, BUT I AM! :)
• PMS’ing Makes Me Wallow. I Feel Sad. I Feel Like Crying. I’m Only Occasionally Angry; Mostly Depressed/Depressing.
• I’m Getting To The Point Where I’m Pretty Done With High School, But What Will Life Be Like After All Of This? Where Will I Stand With People? It Seems So Hard To Deal With.
• I Feel So Out Of Place In Young Women’s. It Was Normal For The Longest Time, Up Until Now. I Need Out. I’m Ready For The Singles Ward; I Really Think I Am.
• I Need New Books To Read, Quite Badly.
• East Shore Isn’t Structured Enough For Me, Which Is Why I Get So Little Done.
• I Am Ghetto.

you stay classy, san diego.

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