Monday, March 29, 2010

Turn A Page, I'm A Book Half Unread.

• You Make Me Feel Absolutely Exuberant! You Always Have, And Always Will.
• I'm Getting Absolutely Nothing Done As Of Late.
• Spring, Spring, Spring Into Action.
• I Never Knew Wacky Dreams Were A Family Trait.
• I Wear My Hair Practically The Same Way Every Day Of My Life.
• Still Want A Pocket Watch.
• Cluttered Room, Cluttered Mind.
• Soothing Sounds Are Thrilling.
• I Haven't Baked Anything Particularly Unique In Ages, And I Miss That.
• Is It Sad To Be Stressed Out At Your Phone Because It Refuses To Comply With The Specific Ringtones I Set For Certain Contacts? I Think So.
• Adam Kump Will Always Remind Me Of Cyler, Springtime And Arizona. (In No Specific Order.)
• I'm Sick And Tired Of All The Blasted Wind.
• Noah Neubert Is Going On A Mission. It Is Awesome, Do Not Get Me Wrong. But This Young Man, Who I've For Lack Of A Better Word "Coveted" Since The First Day Of My High School Career Is Leaving. I Spoke To Him A Mere Two Times, And Was Friends With His Sister. I Feel Slightly Sad. How Sad Is That?
• I Finally Told Off Someone I'd Been Wanting To Tell Off Since Last Fall. Sure, It Made Me Feel Really Good. And I Don't Regret It, Because I Was Standing Up For Someone Important To Me. But I Do Feel Bad For Being Such A Bitch - Even If I Was Being Honest.
• I Like The "Shiny, New Toy", But The Whole "Shiny, New Toy" Logic Is Annoying.
• I Feel Like Everyone Will Be Starting New Chapters Of Their Lives Very Soon, And To Me That Is Very Scary.
• Have You Ever Wrapped A Wet Floor Sign? It Isn't As Easy As You'd Think.
• Simply; I'm Worried.
• The Only Person I Can Stand In My Ward Is Cy. (Minus The Adults That I Like, And There's Quite A Few.) I'd Have Shot Myself In The Face By Now If Not For Him.
• I Love General Conference And Am Excited For It This Weekend.
• Yep, I Still Suck At Monopoly.
• I Especially Love Acoustic Music In The Spring. (And Can Stand Country Much More. I Blame Cyler. But I Love Keith Urban.)
• My Daughter Turned 15 Yesterday. They Grow Up So Fast. :)
• I Need To Be: More Focused, More Organized, More Willing, Less Annoying, Kinder, And Less Selfish.
• My Words Of The Day: Bliss And Exuberant.

"meanwhile, spring arrived. my old dejection passed away and gave place to the unrest which spring brings with it, full of dreams and vague hopes and desires."
- Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

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  1. Just wanted to share with you that Adam Kump has a new album on iTunes. It's called "Oh, Road". Check it out. From a source close to Adam.


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