Monday, February 1, 2010

The Train Keeps A Rollin', And That's What Tortures Me.


I Pretty Much Feel Like A High School Drop Out.
Basically I Dropped Out Of High School Today.

Now I Am A Full-Time Student At East Shore High.
Doing This Makes It So I Have To Do Packets To Get My Credits.
I Was Too Far Behind.
I'd Messed Up Too Much.

i feel horrible. i feel like crying.


i haven't yet, today. i've held back this far into the day.

But Really, The Day That I Really And Sincerely Needed You Around?
you were nowhere to be found.

I Needed You There After I Made My Decision.
I Needed Some Word Of Encouragement From You To Make Me Feel Even Minutely Better Than I Feel Right Now.
I Needed You To Say Something That Would Make Me Laugh.
I Needed A High Five, Our Handshake, A Pat On The Shoulder,

But Now I'm Just Holding Back.

don't misread this. i'm not angry. i know today you were off doing who knows what, and that doesn't bother me in the least-bit. really, suprisingly, that doesn't bother me. and i am being completely and entirely sincere. but just lately we've been much more best friendy than we have in quite a while, and today i really needed that. i needed that more than anything, today. that's really all.

Just Today Of All Days,
i needed you around.

But Perhaps There's A Minor Silver Lining;
if i get all of my packets taken care of, then i'll be able to walk with my highschool.
That's All I Really Want,
To Graduate With My School, As Crappy As It Is.
To Graduate With My Friends,
is more like it.

and thank you's should be given to jenn and jesus.
thank you both for being there today.
and thank you jenn for always trying to cheer me up.
cliche 90's music really helped, actually. haha.

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  1. she's so hiiiiiiggghhh, high above me! haha dontcha just love 90's music? rethorical question, you hate 90's music.


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