Friday, February 26, 2010

The Click-Clack Of Our Boot Heels.

tonight was pretty amazingly funny.

Cy, Yennifer, And Myself Had Adventures.
we went to "ickkkhop", and fang (isaac) was our waiter.
he's a werewolf, did you know that?
neither jenn nor cy believes me!
and we filmed random moments from our night.
cy and me devised a plan in which i'd order dr. pepper and just drink it and try and gauge jenn's reaction but she didn't notice!
so tonight, i fell off the wagon.
one and a half glasses of dr. pepper.
i honestly, honestly, honestly feel ill.
and i'm never drinking soda again.
so, at "ickkkhop" there was a crazy homeless plastic bag lady, and i made cyler film her through the window.
she stared us down!
exhilerating, and super funny.
she freaked jenn out like crazy.
(i'm pretty sure she cursed us.)
so then we further filmed our adventures as we left.
and we ventured to the wally world parking lot, and i pushed cy in a cart while he filmed and jenn drove the batmobile while blasting cobra starship.
and i ran pushing cyler, and told him i felt like we were in the film ET.
so i kept saying (like ET): "elliot! elliot!"
and we swayed around the parking lot.
it was rather fantastic and funny.
then we drove around, and cy showed us where his new place of residence will be and thank you jesus it isn't too far away. :)
and then more aimless driving, pointless conversation.

and sincerely,
that was my night.

Just Thought I Should Share Its Magicality.

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  1. probably one of the best nights of my adult life so far :)


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