Sunday, February 21, 2010


let's stay awake,
and listen to the dark.

today i went to two seperate sacrament meetings.
the first was the missionary farewell of my dear friend valerie's significant other.
he is such a splendid young man, and me and my mother enjoy him very much.
but i felt a somewhat bittersweetness for valerie's sake, because i know she'll miss him greatly over the next two years.
but i have no doubt in my mind that they will get married and make splendid art-creating children.
and i'll make their wedding cake, which will have on its top instead of a traditional bride and groom, a boy and a girl robot. :)

As For The Other Meeting,
i had to give a talk in special needs sacrament.
and pretty much, when i give talks, i wing it.
and today was no exception, really.
but what was really special about this meeting, was the fact that my sister spoke.
and she is brilliant at writing, and a really swell person who i love dearly.
and quite honestly? she did an amazing job.
i don't think there was a dry eye in that whole chapel.
she pretty much made me cry my eyes out, but in a good way.
and i just want to let her know that she did a completely fantastic job.

this was my sunday.
and although i was quite disappointed for a reason that doesn't need to be elaborated on,
it wasn't too bad.
(of course, any sunday that i bake can't be too bad. :] )

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